About EoA
    Essence of Aggression is a multi-game community. Founded over 10 years ago by several friends who shared a love of competitive shooters and MMOs, we are one of the oldest gaming organizations dedicated to these genres. At present, our members are playing Neverwinter Online, DayZ Standalone, Defiance, and more.

    At risk of sounding trite, Essence of Aggression is more than a guild. It is a sum of experiences and ideals, contributed by
 diverse participants with over 14 years of experience in online PC gaming.

    Whether hailing from the text-crafted world of Gemstone III, the townships of Ultima Online, the public dungeons of Everquest Classic, or the tiered raiding realms of Age of Conan, Everquest II, and World of Warcraft...our officer corps have been enjoying MMO gaming since 1998. Though the guild name "Essence of Aggression" first appeared in our WoW efforts of Classic and Burning Crusade, the people, policies, and friendships that have made this guild great have spanned nearly every major MMO released. We've lead innumerable endgame raid guilds, PvP teams, and small casual offshoots. 
We're also comfortable lining up a rifle sight, and the good times had on various first person shooters are too numerous to mention.

    While some members and officer corps have remained through the changing course of EoA, new players are always welcome. It is the love of the game that binds all members of EoA, and a few generalities about us can be made:
  • EoA is a group of respectful adult gamers. Our minimum age requirement is 18.
  • We aim to accomplish the absolute highest achievements possible within our game worlds, using whatever legitimate resources available to us. We never cheat or exploit to win. 
  • We balance gaming with professional and personal life, working as security specialists, managers, graduate students, game developers, teachers, auditors, and martial artists (to name a few). Bottom line: gaming enhances our lives, but does not define them.

    At heart, though, we are an exceedingly fun group of people working together to experience all online PC gaming has to offer.